The quality of your spa may deteriorate depending on the products you use.

When we are aware of the usefulness of a spa, we have a legitimate desire to take care of it and for that we use cleaning products without really knowing that these products can alter the equipment. Chemicals, corrosive products that can create gelatinous layers, should be avoided when maintaining an indoor jacuzzi spa. Why ? Because quite simply the material by its constitution will react to the use of these products. Chemicals and corrosives degrade the material and the creation of gelatinous layers will be harmful to the hydraulic lines and to the pores of the object. How to take good care of your spa The maintenance of your equipment is at two levels and the third is optional. The first level of maintenance involves the use of filtration pumps. System suitable for the spa that regenerates the water in the tub. With an adequate pump, you can always keep your spa water regenerated. The other point to be aware of when maintaining your object is the hydrogen potential of water. To find out if the water tends to become basic or acidic. Water that is too basic will have a detrimental effect on your body, while acidic water will also be dangerous for your commensal flora. Hence the importance of mastering this issue of the pH of water. Usually spas come with kits, a kind of label that will allow you to control these variations. The revelation is done through a system of tints, colorations that will allow you to tell if your water is neutral, basic or acidic. The optional point is the use of chemicals which, if done, must follow removal of the filter cartridges. In total, the most important thing in the maintenance of a spa is to succeed in always keeping your water clean and for that you have to use pumps, pH regulators and simple means such as the use of a tissue. dry and clean to clean.

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